Lite Steps Help

The Lite Steps app will display your step count activity for the last 7 days, since this is what your device is already storing for you automatically. The app will not drain your battery or store any additional data, because it doesn’t run in the background or send notifications. If you would like see just your current step activity for the last 7 days with almost zero battery impact, this app is for you. If you need to keep track of your step activity for more than the last 7 days, this app is not for you.

Why is there already step count activity shown on the first loading of the Lite Steps app?
Your device automatically tracks your step activity in the background by default and keeps this data for the last 7 days. When you open Lite Steps for the first time, the app is simply accessing and displaying that stored data.

NOTE: Step counting activity is only available on the iPhone 5S or greater, and not currently available on iPads.