AB Extractor

Layout Preferences

This is where you can custom configure the fields contained in your extract.


Extract Field Layout

This is where you can choose either the Generic a Custom format as the default. This is typically done before you start to custom config which fields you'd like turned on and off. If you ever just want to start again, just select "Reset" under the advanced options.

Enabled Fields & Header Labels

This is where you can turn data fields on/off from the export and change the data "heading" labels that are used. The "heading" labels are typically used to map the fields "meaning" on the destination side of the extract.

Coniditional Values

This is a fairly advanced option, and not for the faint of heart. The "Is Blank" condition will replace the data in one field with another data element if the "default" field is blank. The "Always fill with" option will basically "hard code" some text in the data field.